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As a woman ages, she is going to go through the normal phase of the aging process called Menopause. It occurs when her ovaries no longer produce an egg .... you would approach a disease. Menopause is a natural condition of life so treat it with natural therapies and avoid those hideous side effects of HRT.

10 Love Yourself Tips for the Working Mum By Vanessa Talbot

A working mum is often burnt out from striving to find balance between her career and family that she ends up not having time for herself. If you are a .... can start loving yourself again. Remember, love and happiness radiates from within so when you're happy, your family and co-workers will feel it too.

Culture and gender roles By Ahmed Hohammed

In many prehistoric cultures, women assumed a particular cultural role. In gatherer-hunter societies, women were generally the gatherers of plant foods .... that: "A study of single, childless urban workers between the ages of 22 and 30 found that women earned 8% more than men.

How to do your nails at home By Harvey Mcewan

Getting your nails done is a weekly routine for some women and a rare treat for others. But as the recession continues to bite in the UK, more and more .... a layer of base coat. For an extra shiny and long-lasting dimension, add a new layer of top coat every day and your nails will be glittering for weeks.

Fighting the Hands of Time By Rosanne Kruger

The search for the elusive fountain of youth has been ongoing since our existence. People want to be young and look young forever, and some are willing .... sure to research it properly and evaluate the reasons behind it. Aging is a natural process and can happen very gracefully if you let it take its course.

African American Women's Olympic Firsts By Sunny Nash

The first two African American females to qualify for the Olympics were Louise Stokes and Tydie Pickett. Louise Stokes and Tydie Pickett were trained .... American woman). Since 1948, African American female Olympians have been winning gold medals, making Olympic history and showing the world who they are.

How to Deal With Frequent Yeast Infections By Darrin Swain

Virtually every woman will experience at least one yeast infection during her lifetime. However, many women have to deal with them on a repeated basis .... also occur if you have diabetes that you don't control effectively. Lyme disease and lupus are two other problems that may lead to yeast infections.

Pregnant Women Commonly Suffer Yeast Infections By Darrin Swain

There are many reasons why people develop yeast infections. If you happen to be taking antibiotics to treat a medical condition, then you will horny milfs definitely .... probably a much better choice than oral medications that may be harmful to your unborn child. If you wanted to, you could use suppositories to treat it too.

Have The Wedding You've Always Dreamed Of By Claudi Fort

Have The Wedding You've Always Dreamed Of That can quickly end as you begin to plan your wedding. Create a budget, and get stressed out! Here are .... matters. Your wedding celebrates the beginning of the rest of your lives together, so you should plan ahead to make sure that your wedding goes smoothly.

How to Find Menopause Relief By Jeremy Smith

When women begin to look for menopause relief, they can do a number of things that should make them feel better. If they have just begun to go through .... advice or professional recommendations, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician(s) or other qualified healthcare provider(s).

Postpartum Depression By Shelley Sommerfeldt, Psy.d.

With recent celebrity discussion, postpartum depression has been more evident in the news media than ever before. However, there are still many misunderstandings .... Call a local hotline number, search in your phonebook for information and services, join a local support group for women, or seek professional therapy.

Misconceptions about Premenstrual Syndrome: The Facts and Helpful Advice By Margaret Le Monnier

Due to false assumptions and lack of factual information, there are several myths about PMS that people think maybe true. To provide rational explanation .... by taking control of your health, by following the aforementioned advice. You may also find that other health problems you may have will also go away.

Top Saving Tips for Brides on a Budget By Miranda Goodenough

The long, dramatic walk down the aisle, the vows to love one another forever, the first kiss as husband and wife weddings are made up of truly romantic .... centre stage, not the expenses. Follow these tips and have the most beautiful, romantic and unforgettable day of your life without worrying about the cost.

Welcome To Kiev: City Of Beautiful Women And A Prospering Sex Industry By Frank Curmode

The truth is, Kiev probably does have some of the most beautiful women in the world - and they are present at all levels of society. They're the trophy .... difference. And rankings of "beautiful girls" will only go on to obscure the real-life, systemic problems that "the girls" are living under.

Natural Cures Used for Uterine Fibroids By Thomas Maroudis

Even with a long standing reliance in the power of allopathic medicine and additional regular forms of treatment, increasingly more folks are now opting .... however, that determinedly following these therapies will help in curing the fibroids for good and put a stop to the condition from happening in future.

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